Analysis of Dubai’s Aviation Model

Analysis of Dubai’s Aviation Model
What is the benefit of the aviation industry in Dubai, and how it is helpful for everyone? Are you confused about that question? Don’t Worry. It’s a fundamental question that needs to be solved. So first of all, you know that many people travel in this world and for everyone, it’s essential to have a comfortable flight. Here aviation industry performs an important task.

Gains of the Aviation Industry

We all know that Dubai is a famous point for tourists. In year, almost the tourist ratio increases to 4 times than the previous year. However, here people need a private jet charter for their trips. As the aviation industry has a partnership with the government, that is why it gets a lot of benefits:
Focused and get quick decision making
Get Effective results on time
Retain close connections

Increase Economy and Opportunities of Country

How aviation industry help to increase the economy of Dubai? As we all know, the number of travelers has increased quartet times now because of the aviation industry. On the other hand, there are many job opportunities for people. According to research, “In 2010 there are 58,200 people got employed in the aviation sector”. There is a lot of productivity due to these professional employees. Moreover, the “aviation sector contributed 6.2 billion US dollars to Dubai’s GDP in 2010.”

Aviation Sector’s Benefits to Other Industries

How does this sector give benefits to other industries? Here we will let you know how? As aviation sector purchase product from different sectors. The demand for the product is increasing day by day that’s why it benefits other industries and gives the opportunity of employment in other sectors. The need for development is directly proportional to the employment of the sector. “In 2010, 43000 jobs were reported” due to the aviation sector. Here other industries also get the benefit from the aviation industry.

Increase Country’s GDB

“The aviation sector increases the GDB by approximately more than 28%”. The number of travelers increasing day by day that has a great value to our country. There were a lot of difficulties for the passengers as they did not get the flight on time. But now, with the help of the aviation sector, many passengers can travel simultaneously. When passengers increase, the GDB also increases.

How is the Aviation Industry Updated?

The aviation industry is constantly updated because the government focuses on the aviation industry and its services. As a result, the economy of Dubai increases when more tourists visit here. With the help of the aviation sector, that happens, and people trust that sector because they know it’s in the government’s control.

Services of Dubai’s Aviation industry

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