Learn About The Iconic DASSAULT Falcon 900 Business Jet

In the world of Private Jets, the Falcon 900 is an iconic Business Jet. Announced in 1984 as a development to the successful Falcon 50. Produced by DASSAULT, a French Aerospace company.
With a large cabin size, a total volume of 1,267 cubic feet to be exact, the Falcon 900 provides a highly comfortable and luxurious home in the sky. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, this private jet embraces all kinds of passengers with the highest levels of hospitality.
Falcon 900 Interior

The Falcon 900DX

The Falcon 900DX is a further evolution of the Falcon 50 which is now out of production. It was launched in 2005 and offers a much wider and longer fuselage. The Trijet design provides extra safety and reliability, with an impressive range of 4,200 Nautical Miles and a cruise speed of 878kmh.
The Falcon 900DX combines performance, safety, fuel efficiency and technology, offering superior performance, high climb rates, high cruise speed and non-stop flights due to high range while burning less fuel. Making it one of the most sought after VIP Private Jet around the world.
Falcon 900 Interior luxury

Falcon 900 Specifications

4,100 nm
Maximum Cruise Speed
482 ktas
Maximum Takeoff Weight
46,700 lb
Payload with Maximum Fuel
2,270 lb
Maximum Altitude
40,600 ft
Balanced Field Length
4,500 ft
Passengers (Typical)
Cabin Volume
1,270 cu ft
Cabin Height
6 ft
Cabin Width
8 ft
Cabin Length
33 ft
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