Choosing the Best Aircraft Management Company


Aircrafts are valuable assets that demands efficient management process. As one of the key industry players in the sector, Aerocontrol aircraft management solutions offer professional and reliable turnkey solutions guaranteeing a successful ownership experience. Our business focuses on providing the highest level of service in aircraft management, aircraft charter, acquisitions and trip support.

Every aspect of our business operations focuses on exceeding our clients’ expectations. We manage an extensive fleet of aircraft from large to mid and small sizes. Our experts provide support in all aspects of aircraft management and air charter, accumulating years of hands-on-experience.


Aircraft management offers the owner control without the day-to-day responsibilities associated with aircraft ownership. Through the management service, every detail, from operations to maintenance, crew resourcing and training, charter marketing and fiscal management, is taken care of. Aircraft management service includes comprehensive management reports itemizing aircraft utilization, expenditures, and charter revenues.

Every aspect of aircraft operations and management will be included in the management agreement, including crew selection and training, flight scheduling and dispatch, maintenance and coordination, charter sales and accounting. The owner will be regularly provided with the management report, detailing every aircraft activity, incurred costs and charter revenue. A dedicated account manager will liaise with the client to cater to the aircraft management process and procedures.

Aircraft Management Services
Aircraft management offers the owner control without the day-to-day responsibilities associated with aircraft ownership
Choosing The Right Aircraft Management Company

A reputed aircraft management service provider guides aircraft owners through various process to ensure the best services are offered. Selecting the best charter management company involves several variables and requires comprehensive due diligence.

As a first step an aircraft owner should perform an assessment of the operational needs, which requires to consult aviation advisors that have credible experience. To start with,  the company selection should be based on the aircraft model, owner’s operational profile, operating base and manager’s qualifications, experience, and customer relations. As an owner it is important to understand and evaluate whether the aircraft should be operated exclusively for private, noncommercial operations or to make available for third-party commercial charters to generate supplemental charter revenue.

Best Aircraft Management Company
Selecting the best aircraft management company involves several variables and requires comprehensive due diligence.

After the operational needs assessment, the next step is to compile a list of potential turnkey management companies. An owner also should look for a company with credible experience, financially stable, excellent track record and vast resources.

An on-site visit to assess the company facilities and meeting the relevant personnel is recommended. It is important to understand what type of aircraft the firm manages and if they meet the owner’s operational needs, support the flight profile and third-party charter requirements. An experienced company will have good remarks on aircraft maintenance, training, and staffing. As an expert they should be able to conduct well-timed maintenance with the resources qualified to meet the needs of the aircraft.

A good aircraft management company offer services with Aircraft appraisals / Aircraft sales and acquisition representation/ Aircraft management / In-flight services / Flight operations / Aircraft charter marketing

Crew Resources and Management

It is imperative to understand the management companies’ crew staffing, training, and aircraft maintenance capabilities and how well they can support the aircraft operations. It’s wise to be specific.  What are the flight crew training programs? Does the company have sufficient personnel to support the owner’s operations are few requirements that need to be checked.

Fiscal Management

Given the costs and expenses associated with operating an aircraft, financial considerations should be addressed with high level of scrutiny. The company should provide a detailed term report with cost/expense estimates and an annual budget. The differences in costs may arise from crew salaries, training, benefits, fuel, maintenance, parts, insurance, hangar fees and support services. All these items should be itemized in the annual budget and needs to confirm that there are no “hidden” charges.

Risk Assessment and Consideration

Risk considerations should be analyzed as they relate to the management company’s safety record, as well as insurance protections and indemnifications. Owners should note what indemnifications are contained in the associated management agreement.

Last, but not the least, an owner should assess the companies’ safety compliance history, safety record, ratings, and qualifications. It could be rare for owners to enter into management agreements without requesting revisions to address an owner’s unique requirements or industry standards.

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