Join and Acquire Revenues From MWC 2022 With Us!

Join and Acquire Revenues From MWC 2022 With Us!

More than 100,000 people are coming to Barcelona’s mobile world congress 2022 event. This event is held once a year, from February 28, 2022, to March 3, 2022. However, so many vendors, content owners, device manufacturers, mobile makers are there for the event. So, it is favorable for everyone to attend that show and make connections. Here, a lot of mobile manufacturers unveil their devices at that event!

We know numerous people want to save their time that’s why they prefer to book private jet! During that event, you have a long list of passengers who wants to go to Barcelona, right? Are you the one who need the jet services now? Do you have a lot of passengers who wish to attend the event in Barcelona? Yeah, of Couse there is a great distance between UAE and Barcelona and everyone book a private jet for that! But don’t worry, your tension finishes when you get our company’s services.

Why Do You Need Aviation Services for the Event of MWC 2022?

Global mobile operators are going to attend MCW 2022. People want to make their travel unforgettable by getting a rental jet in Dubai. So, they are going to contact you! Here your responsibility is to provide them with a safe journey. For that, we will help you and offer you all operational facilities.

Provide Total Trip Support Solution

Our priority is to solve problems you might face while booking or flying. Due to high traffic during the event, we will be responsible for making your flight run smoothly and easily. Luckily for you, we can arrange transportation, accommodation, parking stands and slots. On the other hand, canceling your trip because you couldn’t get a landing permit will be a big disaster, that is why our professional team will manage to get landing permits for you to attend the event. We at Aerocontrol through our network, partners and resources can facilitate all your needs at no time providing fastest and smooth way possible.

Crew Providence

The primary thing to consider in that year is the health problem as we all know that COVID is growing day by day. Due to that, everyone is more conscious of health issues. If your passenger wants to attend MWC 2022 healthy, we assure you to provide secured lounges where they can arrive and depart safely. Yes, only the vaccinated people can travel, but to fly in a rental jet in Dubai, passengers have a 0% chance of getting any virus. By flying privately, they get a healthy atmosphere. And we are there to give you our crew to provide them with that facilities.

Save Your Time by Providing Fuel at Your Place

Do you have a rigid schedule? Like due to that event, many flights are on the way! No problem! Barcelona’s distance is no more for you if you contact us. Here you need to schedule Fueling services.
Fly privately and get a rental jet in Dubai means your passengers want to save their time. Our specialist will provide you fuel on time. In addition, we have an eagle eye on the weather forecast. So, if any suspensions occur, we notify you before that to save your time.

Luxurious Environment

People want a private jet and get a relaxed opulent trip to Barcelona. We have lavish lounges where your passengers’ arrival and departure take place. Your passengers don’t need to wait in public lounges. We help you make your passengers’ business journey a gratifying trip for them.

Resolve Operational Concerns

Suppose your passengers want to travel with your family, friends, or colleagues. Then you must take care of your passenger’s requirements and make their journey good towards MWC congress 2022 without delay! Our company assure you a comfort level like we resolve all operational concerns. We guarantee that your passengers are not disturbed and did not face distress throughout the trip!

Hey! If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to provide your passengers incredible journey towards the mobile world congress 2022. Contact us immediately. We provide you with 24/7 service. So you are not required to wait anymore. If you have any query regarding anything, you can consult our company and get all the information from our professional.