Permits being essential part of any flight journey, we secure all required overflight and landing permits. Our long-term association with the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) across the globe allows us to offer shortest turnaround time in seeking the necessary permits and flight clearances. With the ever-increasing number of volatile areas around the world, it’s never been so important to be certain that your routing is not only safe but have the correct clearances to guarantee you’re granted access to certain airspace and not refused or rerouted.



Our experts in the flight support domain brings along a vast knowledge on required regulations of aviation authorities globally. We guarantee to obtain all flight permits, be it an overflight permit, landing permit, diplomatic flight permit, or a special flight permit worldwide. AeroControl handling stations and servicing partners offers cost-efficient solutions and services for your aircraft .We support all flight categories including freight, government envoys, medevac, passenger, scheduled, and VIP flights.

By working with preferred trip support partners on the ground at your destination, we will increase the speed and accuracy of services and minimize both aircraft turnaround time and handling costs. We also provide related services including issuing airport landing slots, trip planning, ground handling, aviation fuel supply, inflight catering, aircraft management and concierge services

Our comprehensive handling services include:


Most aircrafts require a slot, a landing permit and a PPR before landing. Our decades of aviation experience have provided us with a comprehensive understanding of international permit requirements. When it comes to securing the necessary flight permits we understand the challenges that comes along the way. AeroControl's expert dispatchers regularly keep watch of PPR (Prior Authorization Required) controlled airport policies and procedures to ensure our clients obtain necessary permits while planning the trip


We have necessary arrangements in place to make your aircraft parking reservations on time by reserving a space for your aircraft. Parking at airports can be tough obtain, which may sometimes add extra legs to your operation. Our team will ensure all procedures are handled appropriately to avoid any inconveniences.


AeroControl military air relief provides services for extreme situations, globally, where other countries may need food, water, medical supplies, and rescue services. Working with leading governments and NGO charitable organizations, our dedicated team will deliver the necessary relief efforts for any kind of situation, worldwide.


At the embassy level, we’ve amassed a large network of trustworthy global contacts throughout several years. This helps us to find the quickest and most cost-effective diplomatic clearance routes, which we then subsequently pass on to our consumers. One of the hallmarks of our company model, is the competitive pricing structure; we are open and honest about our costs and honor the offered price on inquiry.


We can make an acceptance or denial recommendation based on our extensive network. You will be notified and given a unique waiver authorization if you are found to be eligible for a waiver. When filing for a flight plan and also during flight operations, pilots must have a copy of the waiver.


Our team are at your service, 24/7, to provide detailed and accurate information upon request. Reach out to us with your enquiry and we will y prepare a competitive proposal to suit your requirements. Feel free to ask of any further information